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Face in front of the automation, electric trend,How to adjust the 4S shop?

Apr. 02, 2019

Parking Sensor Supplier thinks as electric cars become mainstream, dealers need to add quick charging stations in 4S stores to encourage customers to visit frequently.

Train each dealer staff for ev technology; How to communicate with customers; And how to use the infrastructure to meet the needs of customers as an important part of the electric vehicle sales strategy.

                                                         Parking Sensor Supplier

In the future, 4S stores will become the center of all electric vehicle activities. Dealer operators can gain a foothold by adding quick charging stations to their stores to encourage more frequent visits by ev buyers, provide them with knowledgeable service staff, and create flexible rental schemes and vehicles for long-distance customers.

4S stores should respond to e-commerce challenges by providing delivery service strategies

PDC Sensor Manufacturer says many car brands are developing new sales strategies, such as online sales, to ensure convenience and efficiency for buyers. Dealers need to embrace online retailing and find new ways to make car trading more special. In the future, car dealers could set up a high-profile "delivery zone" and offer home delivery. This will lay the foundation for more meaningful and lasting customer relationships.

Driverless cars have attracted media attention, but they don't bode well for major changes at the 4S stores. In the short term, the sales of self-driving cars will not affect the facility design plan of the 4S shop. However, the service departments of car dealers need to be changed to cope with the product changes of self-driving cars.


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