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What are the advantages of wireless geomagnetic sensors in smart parking lots?

Jul. 24, 2019

What are the advantages of wireless geomagnetic sensors in smart parking lots? 

China Parking Sensor Factory shares that wireless geomagnetic sensors work by taking advantage of changes in the earth's magnetic field. When the vehicle passes by or stops over the wireless geomagnetic sensor, the magnetic field in the corresponding area will change. The wireless geomagnetic sensor will sense this change, judge the current state of the vehicle, and transmit relevant information to the management system in real time through wireless communication. Wireless geomagnetic sensors have the following advantages:

What are the advantages of wireless geomagnetic sensors in smart parking lots?

1. Easy installation and maintenance

The wireless geomagnetic sensor does not need to be drilled and buried, but sticks firmly to the surface directly, avoiding the damage to the ground, and at the same time greatly reducing the construction difficulty, shortening the time limit and saving the installation cost, so that the equipment can be put into use quickly and effectively.

2. Strong anti-interference ability

Geomagnetic detection technology does not suffer from outside electromagnetic wave interference, thunderstorm days can be used normally, and excellent waterproof performance, all-weather work.

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3. Flexible installation position

It is also suitable for any road surface, not disturbed by nearby ferromagnetic objects, and the installation size is small.

4. Easy to master, easy to manage

For users, wireless geomagnetic sensors are not only low-cost, but also simple to operate, easy to master, very convenient to manage, long service life, generally do not need maintenance.

Wireless geomagnetic sensor can sense the current state of each parking space, detect the parking condition, and coordinate with the timing work to send the record to the server. On the one hand, it saves the labor of rushing around to check, so that the charging staff can be reduced at each parking place, thus reducing the management cost. On the other hand, the charging process is also supervised. The administrator can compare and supervise the charging situation through the parking information analysis report submitted regularly by the system, and urge the staff to be serious and responsible to avoid the loss of fees.

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