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Automobile sensor

Aug. 13, 2019

Automobile sensor

China Parking Sensor Factory shares Vehicle sensor is the input device of the automobile computer system, it converts the information of various working conditions in the automobile operation, such as speed, temperature of various media, engine operating condition, etc. into electrical signals and loses to the computer, so that the engine is in the best working state. There are many sensors in vehicles. When judging the faults of sensors, we should not only consider the sensors themselves, but also consider the whole circuit of the faults. Therefore, in addition to checking the sensor, the wiring harness, connectors and related circuits between the sensor and ECU should also be checked.

Detailed introduction:

One of the characteristics of the development of automobile technology is that more and more parts adopt electronic control. According to the function of the sensor, it can be classified as measuring temperature, pressure, flow rate, position, gas concentration, speed, brightness, dry humidity, distance and other functions

Automobile sensor

Automobile sensors (4 pieces)

Sensors, they do their job, and when one sensor fails, the corresponding device doesn't work properly or even doesn't work. Therefore, the role of sensors in cars is very important.

Car sensors, which used to be used solely for engines, have been extended to chassis, body and lighting electrical systems. These systems use more than 100 sensors. In a wide variety of sensors, common ones are:

China Parking Sensor Factory

China Parking Sensor Factory

Intake pressure sensor: it reflects the change of the absolute pressure in the intake manifold and provides the ECU (engine electronic control unit) with the reference signal to calculate the injection duration;

Air flowmeter: measures the amount of air inhaled by the engine and provides the ECU as the reference signal for oil injection time;

Throttle position sensor: measure the throttle opening Angle and provide the ECU as the reference signal for cutting off oil, controlling fuel/air ratio and correcting ignition advance Angle;

Crankshaft position sensor: detects crankshaft and engine speed, and provides ECU with reference signals to determine ignition timing and work sequence;

Oxygen sensor: detects the oxygen concentration in the exhaust and provides the ECU as a reference signal to control the fuel/air ratio around the optimal (theoretical) value;

Intake temperature sensor: detects intake temperature and provides ECU as the basis for calculating air density;

Coolant temperature sensor: detects coolant temperature and provides engine temperature information to ECU;

Knock sensor: installed on the cylinder specifically to detect the deflagration status of the engine, which is provided to the ECU to adjust the ignition advance Angle according to the signal.

These sensors are mainly used in transmission, steering gear, suspension and ABS.

Transmission: speed sensor, temperature sensor, shaft speed sensor, pressure sensor, etc., steering device has Angle sensor, torque sensor, hydraulic sensor;

Suspension: speed sensor, acceleration sensor, car height sensor, side Angle sensor, Angle sensor, etc.

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