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Manufacturer of automotive sensors and electronic controllers

Jul. 08, 2019

Manufacturer of automotive sensors and electronic controllers

Parking Sensor Supplier shares that automotive electronic control system consists of sensor, basic electronic controller (ECU), drive and control application software, such as parts, used with car mechanical system (usually with dynamic system, chassis system and body system in the subsystem integration), and by using cables or radio waves to transmit messages to each other, known as "mechanical and electrical integration, such as electronic fuel injection system, anti-lock braking control system, anti-slip control system, electronic control suspension system, electronic control automatic transmission, electronic power steering, etc.

Automotive electronic control system can be divided into four parts: engine electronic control system, chassis comprehensive control system, body electronic safety system, information communication system. Among them, the first two systems are directly related to the driving performance of the car. Among them, sensor and electronic controller play an important role.

Parking Sensor Supplier

What about those auto sensors and electronic controllers at home and abroad? Let's have a look.

Automobile sensor

National standard gb7665-87 defines a sensor as a device or device that can sense specified measured signals and convert them into usable signals according to certain rules, usually consisting of sensitive elements and conversion elements.

The PDC sensor is a kind of detection device, which can sense the measured information and transform the detected information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain rules, so as to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control. It is the first step to realize automatic detection and automatic control.


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