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What does a car distance sensor do?

Sep. 04, 2019

What does a car distance sensor do?

What's the use of a distance sensor? Following the PDC Sensor supplier would like to share with us.

Inductor is a device to sense signals of various components, which can be regarded as the function of hub. Car running is a very complicated process, although we basically depends on the brake and accelerator control at ordinary times, but every time there are hundreds of thousands of parts in close cooperation, and automotive can accurately grasp the movement, mainly rely on a variety of sensors to monitor the running data, analysis to the ECU, the ECU orders automatically if there is deviation adjustment. Below and manufacturers together to see what the car distance sensor is doing it.

Is used for adaptive cruise system to detect the front vehicle and the distance from the local use, used to implement the function also can according to the front of the car and car speed acceleration or deceleration, if you set a 120 MPH when walking in front of the car so let's car is according to its speed to a certain speed keep a certain distance, the distance is set up yourself.

Chevrolet PDC Sensor 9058876

Chevrolet PDC Sensor 9058876

(1) vehicle sensor is the input device of the automobile computer system, which converts the information of various operating conditions of the automobile, such as speed, temperature of various media, and engine operating condition, into the telecommunication number and loses to the computer, so that the engine is in the best working state.

(2) there are many sensors in vehicles. When judging the faults of sensors, we should not only consider the sensor itself, but also consider the whole circuit of the faults. Therefore, in addition to checking the sensor, the wiring harness, connectors and related circuits between the sensor and ECU should also be checked.

Speed sensor:

The speed sensor, usually mounted on a distributor or engine, detects the Angle of the crankshaft. Once the fault occurs, it will destroy the work of the ignition system and make the engine unable to work. Because most speed sensors are magnetic pulse type, it can send out weak electrical signal, detection can use a multimeter or oscilloscope; If it is suspected that the wire inside the sensor is in bad contact, the multimeter can be placed in the resistance and connected with the sensor wire, and then shake the wire to see whether the multimeter pointer swings, if the swing proves that the wire inside the sensor is in bad contact, it should be ruled out immediately.

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