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Chevrolet New Small SUV Tracker

Mar. 11, 2019

Recently, we learned from the relevant channels of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that Chevrolet as a member of the General Assembly will soon bring a new SUV - Chevrolet Tracker.

Chevrolet's new small SUV Tracker is based on Chevrolet's latest family design, with a wheelbase of 2,570 mm and a three-cylinder 1.0T turbocharged engine. It was launched in China in March this year with the Redline version.

Appearance, the Chevrolet Tracker uses a family-style design, the large mouth grille is particularly fierce, the upper air intake grille is connected with the headlights, the overall shape is transverse, the style is relatively young.

The Chevrolet Tracker is currently only an engine. The 1.0T displacement and the 325T tail are the same as the three-cylinder engine on Kovaz, but the maximum power is 116 hp, which is slightly lower than Kowaltz. 120 horsepower version.

At the same time, the new car will also launch models with different appearance styles in the future.

Summary: GM's car brands are indeed quite a few, and the sub-models also occupy various market segments. From the perspective of this year's product planning, more than half of the more than 20 new cars were launched in the Chinese market, and the importance of the Chinese market can be seen.

Chevrolet New Small SUV Tracker

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