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Common types of car sensors

Aug. 06, 2019

Common types of car sensors shared by Parking Sensor Supplier.

Automotive sensors for electronically controlled fuel injection engines:

The intake pressure sensor reflects the change in the absolute pressure size in the intake manifold, which provides the ECU (engine control unit) with calculated fuel injection duration

Reference signal of time;

Air flow sensor: measures the amount of air inhaled by the engine and provides the ECU as the reference signal for injection time;

Throttle position sensor: measures the throttle opening Angle and provides the ECU as a cut off, control fuel/air ratio, ignition advance Angle correction Reference signal;

Crankshaft Angle sensor: detects crankshaft and engine speed, and provides ECU with reference signal to determine ignition timing and work sequence;

Parking Sensor Supplier

Parking Sensor Supplier

Oxygen sensor: detects the oxygen concentration in the exhaust and provides the ECU as a reference for controlling the fuel/air ratio near the optimal (theoretical) value Number;

Inlet temperature sensor: detects inlet temperature and provides ECU with the basis for calculating air density;

Water temperature sensor: detects the temperature of coolant and provides engine temperature information to ECU;

Deflagration sensor: installed on the cylinder to detect the deflagration status of the engine, providing the ECU with the signal to adjust the ignition advance Angle.

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