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Parking sensor

May. 31, 2019

Parking sensor

Parking sensor by Parking Sensor Supplier, is also known as geomagnetic sensor.


Parking sensor, also known as geomagnetic sensor. When the vehicle stops on the road, it can alert the driver of the invisible obstacles. The whole system is sometimes called a (PDC).


Parking sensors generally fall into two categories.

Electromagnetic stop sensor

The electromagnetic parking sensor relies on the vehicle moving slowly and smoothly towards the object. Once an obstacle is detected, the vehicle temporarily stops, and the sensor will get the signal of the existence of the obstacle. The electromagnetic stop sensor provides a unique design, discretely mounted on the inside of the bumper.

FERRARI Parking Sensor

Ultrasonic reversing sensor

Currently, ultrasonic sensors can be seen in several brands of cars, various brands, such as PARKTRONIC parking AIDS. Some systems also offer additional upgrades that can be installed later.

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