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What are the benefits of using intelligent management systems in parking lots?

Jul. 30, 2019

What are the benefits of using intelligent management systems in parking lots? Following the China PDC Sensor Supplier would like to share with us.

First, can avoid the loss of funds.

There are many defects in the traditional manual cash charging mode. On the one hand, the work intensity is high and the efficiency is low; on the other hand, it is easy to cause loopholes or cash loss in finance. In contrast, the parking management system all USES the computer to charge fees, and each payment is confirmed, counted and recorded by the computer, avoiding operational errors or cheating.

Ii. Guarantee the safety of vehicles.

The form of manual receiving and receiving CARDS may cause negligence or no record can be found, loss of car or false report of lost car phenomenon, bringing a lot of inconvenience to the parking lot management, at the same time, can not guarantee the owner of the car's property safety. The parking management system will automatically store every parking record, and also carry functional plates such as image comparison and vehicle snapshot of the owner. Information comparison will be conducted at the entrance and exit to protect the owner's vehicle safety.

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Promote the effective use of parking Spaces.

Parking guidance is an important technology in the parking lot management system. It is a modern intelligent parking system that obtains the information of empty parking Spaces by installing parking detector in each parking space and provides parking information to the car owners through data processing to guide the car owners to park their cars. This parking system technology can help car owners quickly find parking Spaces, reserve/reserve parking Spaces and find cars quickly, effectively prevent congestion in the parking lot, improve parking efficiency, speed up vehicle turnover, improve the economic efficiency of the parking lot, improve customer satisfaction, and shape a good image of the parking lot.

Effectively maintain the order of parking lot.

The parking system is mainly managed in three forms, namely, license plate recognition, card reading and ticket reading. All vehicles can enter and exit quickly and effectively alleviate the congestion at the entrance of the parking lot. Vehicles that adopt card/ticket collection mode can collect card/ticket by themselves, and pay the fees manually (internal vehicles can directly read card and go out); In the way of license plate recognition, internal cars can enter without parking, and external cars only need to go out to pay fees, without the tedious process of card/ticket collection.

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