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Intelligent technology creates intelligent life

Jul. 17, 2019

Intelligent technology creates intelligent life

Technology changes lives. Technology changes cars. With the development of technology, some technologies in automobiles are also developing. Lower cost, higher efficiency and better user experience make the development of this cold steel machine more user-friendly.

Evolution 1 intelligent voice navigation

With the popularization of mobile Internet, the traditional automobile navigation market is gradually swallowed up by intelligent navigation system. The biggest advantage of interactive intelligent navigation system is that it can be seamlessly connected to the Internet through the mobile network terminal on board, which can be more accurate than traditional automobile navigation and positioning, more reasonable path planning, and large-scale lifelong service can be obtained through location information. The news.

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Evolution 2 USB interface

With the arrival of the digital age, USB interface comes into being. Almost all electronic products on the market, whether mobile phone or MP3, can be transmitted or charged by USB data cable, and the storage space is greatly increased and portable. The USB port on the car can not only charge these electronic products, but also play music in electronic products at any time, which is practical and easy to operate.

Evolution 3 electronic handbrake

However, whether it is hand brake or foot brake, it is difficult to say that is beautiful. Even the faux joystick and knob hand brakes used in some models in recent years cannot compete with the popular electronic hand brakes. Said to the electronic handbrake, that is, the electronic parking brake system, its working principle and the same manipulator brake. Friction generated by the brake disc and brake liner is used to control the parking brake, but the control method comes from the former one. The manipulator brake lever becomes an electronic button and controls the rear brake through an electronic spool.

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