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What should I do if the car's sound insulation is not good?

Aug. 24, 2019

What should I do if the car's sound insulation is not good? Shared by China PDC Sensor Supplier.

After having a car, what you should do in the first time is not to make a negative joke, but to find out the reason and make a remedy for the problem. There are three kinds of vehicle noise: tire noise, wind noise and resonance.

Tire noise: for tire noise, replace the silent tire or apply soundproof rubber to the wheel arch (the body part on the lower side of the shock absorber seat, also known as the inner leg of the cow or tree) to effectively solve the tire noise problem.

If the wind noise is wind noise, it needs to carry out targeted construction on the noise points after data collection and analysis. No matter paste the sealing tape or conduct airflow guidance, it can block or divert the flow air pressure borne by the noise point so as to solve the problem of wind noise. It is important to note, however, that improper use of tape to seal sheet metal openings can backfire. After all, the exterior structure of every car should conform to aerodynamics at the beginning of design. The joints of the surface sheet metal are mainly designed to divert the flow of air and reduce the wind resistance of the car.

Car to solve resonance and resonance car the noise, we usually think of is to paste the sound insulation cotton or sound insulation film, but if more stick will affect the fuel consumption, less glue does not work, so it requires by looking at the professional and technical personnel, surveying, construction can make the body resonance noise to a minimum or eliminated, but also to ensure that does not affect other aspects.



Does the wrench - shaped trouble light come on to indicate that my car needs to be repaired?

China Parking Sensor Factory shares that the trouble code in the shape of wrench lights up to remind you that your car needs periodic maintenance and maintenance, which can be regarded as a minimal maintenance for the vehicle.

Follow the manufacturer's maintenance cycle advice in the use of the vehicle, is responsible for the performance of the vehicle, but inevitably encounter the car in the field or people in the field, at this time can temporarily manually set to eliminate the reminder, and maintenance within the upper limit floating value of the maintenance cycle. Because when the upper floating value of the oil must be replaced, otherwise once the adverse consequences that can not be retrieved. At present, there are more than 500 dealershops in China. For audi owners, they can provide convenient and intimate service for you wherever you go. After the oil is replaced, the maintenance tips, i.e. the wrench shaped icon, will be removed.

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