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[parking sensor China]These are important points when choosing a sensor

May. 10, 2019

[parking sensor China]These are important points when choosing a sensor

Sensors are widely used in the industrial field. Different industries use different sensors.Therefore, there are many kinds of sensors. After selecting the right sensor, the corresponding detection method and equipment can be determined, so the rationality of sensor selection is very important. Today, the Volvo PDC Sensor China will explain the selection of sensor:

1. Determine the type of sensor: according to the characteristics of the detected and the use conditions of the sensor, consider the following specific issues: the size of the range of the detected object; Whether the volume of the sensor conforms to the detection environment; Whether the detection method is contactless or contactless; Are the sensors imported or made in China? We must first consider the type of sensor we choose, and then consider the other characteristics of the sensor.

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2. Sensor accuracy: BMW PDC Sensor Supplier China shares that sensor accuracy is a very important performance index, because it is related to the whole detection system detection accuracy of an important link. The higher the precision of the sensor, the more expensive its price is, so the accuracy of the sensor as long as it meets the accuracy requirements of the whole detection system can be, do not have to choose too high. In this way, the cheaper and simpler sensor can be selected among many sensors that meet the same detection purpose.

3. Selection of sensitivity: generally within the linear range of the sensor, the higher the sensitivity, the better. The value of the output signal corresponding to the change of the sensor with high sensitivity and the detected object is relatively large, which is conducive to signal processing. However, it should be noted that the sensitivity of the sensor is high, and external noise unrelated to the detection is also easy to mix in, which will also be amplified by the amplification system, affecting the detection accuracy.


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