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[Parking Sensor for sale China]Notes for inductive proximity switches

May. 14, 2019

Notes for inductive proximity switches shared by Parking Sensor Wholesaler China.

1. When the detection object is non-metallic, the detection distance should be reduced. In addition, the thin coating layer cannot be detected.

2. The switching time of the inductive proximity switch is 50ms, so in the design of user products, when the load and proximity switch adopt different power sources, the power source of the proximity switch must be switched on first.

3. When the inductive load (such as lamp, motor, etc.) is used, its transient impulse current is large, which may degrade or damage the ac two-wire proximity switch. In this case, please use the ac relay as the load to convert the use.

4. Audi Parking Sensor China shares that please do not put the proximity switch in the dc magnetic field environment above 200Gauss to avoid misoperation.

Parking Sensor Wholesaler China

5. The proximity switch of DC two-wire has a static leakage current of 0.5-1ma. Try to use the proximity switch of DC three-wire when the leakage current of DC two-wire proximity switch is required to be higher.

6. Avoid using proximity switches in chemical solvents, especially in strong acid and alkali environments.

7. The products of our factory are produced by SMD process, and only after passing strict tests do they leave the factory. Under normal circumstances, they will not be damaged. In order to ensure the occurrence of accidents, the user should check whether the wiring is correct and whether the voltage is rated before switching on the power.

8. In order to make the proximity switch work stably for a long time, please be sure to carry out regular maintenance, including detecting whether the installation position of the object and the proximity switch is moving or loose, whether the wiring and connection parts are in bad contact, and whether there is metal dust adhesion.


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