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Approach the dynamic characteristics and sensitivity of the sensor

May. 07, 2019

Approach the dynamic characteristics and sensitivity of the sensor

Proximity sensor, also known as contactless position switch, Audi Parking Sensor Supplier China shares that is a position switch that can be operated without mechanical contact with moving parts. When the moving object is close to the switch to a certain position, the switch sends out a signal to achieve the function of stroke control, counting and automatic control. Compared with travel switch, proximity sensor has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, reliable operation, long service life, high operating frequency and being able to adapt to harsh working environment. But when the proximity sensor is used, the contact relay is needed as the output device. Detailed features are as follows:

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1. Dynamic characteristics of proximity sensor

The so-called dynamic characteristics of proximity sensors are switches near the output characteristics when the input changes. In practice, some dynamic characteristics of the commonly used standard input signal are switched to display the echo. This is due to the proximity sensor to the standard input signal echo to test the way to obtain and close to the switch specification of the input echo signal and the inevitable relationship between arbitrary input signal echo, usually know that the former can be inferred the latter. Step and sinusoidal signals are the most commonly used and input signal specifications, so the near switch dynamic characteristics are also commonly used step echo and frequency echo to display.

2. Sensitivity close to the sensor

Sensitivity of near-switch to steady-state operating output variations, input rate of change. It's the slope of the output of the input characteristic curve. If there is a significant linear relationship between the input and output of the proximity sensor, the proximity sensor is a constant sensitivity. Otherwise, the sensitivity of the switch changes with the input. Convert dimensional sensitivity to dimensional output, input rate. For example, a proximity sensor with a change in proximity of 1 mm and a change in sensitivity and output voltage of 200mV is close to the sensor should be labeled as 200mV/mm. When the output switch is close to the size of the input phase, the sensitivity of the proximity sensor can be understood as the expansion ratio. The sensitivity of the switch can obtain higher measurement accuracy. However, the proximity sensor has high sensitivity, narrow measurement range and poor stability.

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