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Pressure Sensor Selection By The Parking Sensor Supplier

Apr. 13, 2019

China Parking Sensor Factory says that with the development of modern measurement and automation technology, the use of pressure sensors is increasing by 20% every year. Pressure sensors are widely available in the market, with different specifications and technical performance, and different prices. The question before the user is, what kind of pressure sensing should be used to meet the needs? What are the most important indicators? What should be considered? This involves the selection of sensors. The principle is to choose the most economical price to meet its use, pressure range, precision requirements, temperature range, electrical and mechanical requirements of the pressure sensor.

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After the sensor is installed on the device, it runs normally and stably with accurate measurement. Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing a pressure sensor.

1.1 due to different structures, pressure sensors can be divided into absolute pressure, relative pressure to the atmosphere and differential pressure. When measuring the absolute pressure, there is vacuum reference pressure in the sensor itself. The pressure measured has nothing to do with atmospheric pressure, but is relative to vacuum pressure. The relative pressure to the atmosphere is the reference pressure, so the elastic membrane side of the sensor is always connected with the atmosphere. The atmospheric pressure is related to the height above the ground, the change of moisture content in the atmosphere in four seasons, and the change of the content of various gases in different places and the atmosphere. Therefore, the measured relative pressure is related to the above factors. In addition, Parking Sensor Supplier thinks that it can also guide the fluid pressure from both sides of the elastic membrane of the sensor, so as to measure the differential pressure between different places or between fluids. Pressure sensors of different structures should be used for different purposes.

1.2 pressure range the pressure range of the pressure sensor is graded. This is because the elastic membrane of the pressure sensor bears a limit of fluid pressure. This is commonly referred to as the compressive limit, beyond which the elastic film ruptures. Generally speaking, each sensor has 20-300 % overvoltage capacity. Therefore, the maximum pressure range on the product specification is 30-80 % of the pressure limit.


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