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[Parking sensor supplier] Introduce 4 common sensors for you

Jun. 12, 2019

4 common sensors

Here are some common sensors for you today shared by Parking Sensor Supplier.

1. Ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensors are sensors that convert ultrasonic signals into other energy signals (usually electrical signals) and are mainly used in robot barriers. The most common sensor is hc-sr04. The price is 2-5 yuan, very cheap.

Working principle: first, input a trigger signal of at least 10us to the TRIG pin, and 8 40kHz cycle levels will be emitted inside the module and echo will be detected. Once an ECHO signal is detected, ECHO outputs a high-level ECHO signal. The pulse width of the reverberating signal is proportional to the measured distance. Thus the distance can be calculated by the time interval between the transmitted signal and the received echo signal. Formula: distance = high level time * sound velocity (340M/S)/2.

2. Temperature and humidity sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor is just one of the sensors, but the air temperature and humidity through a certain detection device, measured after the temperature and humidity, according to a certain rule into electrical signals or other required form of information output, in order to meet user needs. DHT11 is a temperature and humidity sensor with calibrated digital signal output. Its precision humidity +-5%RH, temperature +-2℃, range humidity 20-90%RH, temperature 0~50℃.

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3. Infrared sensor

Infrared sensor is a kind of sensor that can detect the infrared radiation emitted by humans or animals and output electrical signals. The most common sensor is hc-sr501.

Hc-sr501 is an automatic control module based on infrared technology, using LHI778 probe design, high sensitivity, strong reliability, ultra-low voltage working mode, widely used in all kinds of automatic induction electrical equipment, especially dry battery power automatic control products.

4. Raindrop sensor

Raindrop sensor is a kind of sensing device, which is mainly used to detect whether it rains or not and the amount of rainfall. It is widely used in auto scraping system, intelligent light system and intelligent skylight system. The most common sensor is the yl-83. The price is 4-5 yuan, very cheap.

Working principle: when the 5V power supply lamp is on, when there is no water drop on the induction board, DO output is high level, switch indicator is off, drop a drop of water, DO output is low level, switch indicator light is on, brush off the water drop above, and return to, output high level state.

AO analog output can be connected to the AD port of the single chip microcomputer to detect the amount of rain falling on it. DOTTL digital output can also be connected to the single chip microcomputer to detect whether there is rain.

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply PORSCHE PDC Sensor for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.


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