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Proximity to sensor performance characteristics

May. 23, 2019

Proximity to sensor performance characteristics:

SKODA Parking Sensor supplier China shares that among all kinds of sensors, there is one component that has the ability to "perceive" objects close to it -- proximity sensors. The proximity sensor USES the sensitive characteristics of the displacement sensor to close to the object to achieve the purpose of controlling the switch on or off, which is the proximity sensor.

When an object moves towards the proximity switch and approaches to a certain distance, the displacement sensor will have "perception" and the switch will act. Usually, this distance is called "detection distance". But different proximity switches have different detection distances.

Sometimes objects are examined by moving one after another toward the proximity switch and away from it one by one at regular intervals, and this is repeated over and over again. Different proximity sensors have different responsiveness to detected objects. This response characteristic is called the response frequency.

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