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Skoda Released The VISION iV Concept Car

Mar. 06, 2019

The VISION iV concept car demonstrates the design direction of the brand's future electric vehicles. The concept car features a horizontal strip across the grille and is connected to the matrix LED headlights. The minimalist design highlights the convenience of using electric models in everyday life, the dynamic body lines show endless driving pleasure, and the spacious interior highlights the classic features of the Skoda models. The VISION iV concept car features a new design and layout of the dashboard and center console, and the floating touch screen further highlights the layering of the interior design.


The Skoda VISION iV concept car is 4.465 meters long, 1.926 meters wide and 1.613 meters high with a wheelbase of 2.765 meters. The concept car has a bright yellow body and uses a multi-layered finish with organic gold pigments to create a different tone. The matte surface is matte with a matte carbon black design to create a rough, modern look. The sharp, smooth roof lines combine with the dynamic body and wings. The one-piece body line runs through the front and rear body, which highlights the sheer simplicity of the concealed door handle design. And the door can be opened automatically by simply touching the handle. The trunk also uses an electric tailgate that automatically opens and closes. Conventional exterior mirrors are replaced by cameras that provide a 180 degree viewing angle, and images captured by the camera can be displayed in the rearview mirror. The Skoda VISION iV concept car is also equipped with 22-inch aerodynamic wheels, light and full of tension, and each wheel spoke has a luminous SKODA letter logo.

The VISION iV concept car is designed in a minimalist style to highlight the convenience of using electric models in everyday life.

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