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What is a parking sensor?

Jul. 14, 2019

What is a parking sensor? Shared by PDC Sensor Manufacturer.

Parking sensors are also known as geomagnetic sensors, and in intelligent transportation, if you put a magnetic sensor on the road, if any car is driving on the road, and you record the track of the car, you can build traffic on the highway. The main material of the magnetic induction sensor comes from the reed tube. The reed tube is a special switch which is magnetically sensitive. It usually consists of two or three reed contacts made of both magnetic and conductive materials, which are encapsulated in a glass tube filled with inert gas (such as nitrogen, helium, etc.) or vacuum. The ends of reeds encapsulated in parallel in the glass tube overlap and leave a certain gap or contact with each other to form a normally open or normally closed contact of the switch. When the reed is magnetized by a permanent magnet close to the reed, or by a magnetic field formed by a coil wound over the reed, the reed contacts will induce opposite poles. The poles attract each other due to their opposite polarity. When the magnetic force of attraction exceeds the resistance of the reed, the separated contacts will attract. When the magnetic force decreases to a certain value, the contact point returns to its original state under the action of reed resistance. This completes the function of a switch. So it can be used as a sensor, for counting, limiting and so on. So it can be a parking sensor.

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